For the first time, CAT 2017 Question Paper with Answer Key and objection form has been officially released. Link to log in for question paper and answer key of CAT 2017 and objection management is now live at Candidates who appeared in the Common Admission Test on November 26, 2017, can now access it. There was no prior intimation of this from IIM Lucknow, which is the exam conducting body of CAT 2017 exam. However, this is undoubtedly a highly welcome move. Candidates can check all questions and answers and directly indicate their issues with a particular question / answer. This process is making the declaration of result of CAT 2017 more transparent and fair.

Latest: Link for CAT 2017 Question Papers with Answer Key and Objection Form is now available and is given below.

CAT 2017 Question Papers with Answer Key and Objection Form

Now that question paper, answer key and objection format is available, you can log in. Check all questions and if you have any issues with any question, follow the laid down process to submit objection.

Important Event
Candidates can log in to check complete CAT 2017 question paper and submit objections from
07 Dec 2017
Declaration of CAT 2017 Result
08 Jan 2018
Right below, the PDF file of shift 1 and 2 question paper and answer key is made available. You can view or download it here. In order to individually check paper and key, use login link given at bottom of PDF files. Enter User ID and Password to log in. Please note that the login credentials should be correct in order to log in.

CAT 2017 Question Paper and Answer Key – Shift 1

If the above window does not load, click here to download it.

CAT 2017 Question Paper and Answer Key – Shift 2

If the above window does not load, click here to download it.
Check question paper, answer key, and submit objection hereClick here to log in forCAT 2017 Question Papers with Answer Key and Objection Form.

Significance of CAT 2017 Answer Key

With the answer key of CAT 2017, you can know exactly how many questions you have answered correctly and how many you have answered incorrectly. With this knowledge you can know precisely how many marks you will score.
Therefore CAT 2017 Answer Key helps you analyse your exam performance.
Moreover, having official CAT 2017 Answer Key makes the complete process extremely fair and transparent. Earlier students only got their scores. Now they will know exactly where they got marks as well as where they lost it. There will be less confusion when CAT 2017 Result is announced.

How to check CAT 2017 Question Paper and CAT 2017 Answer Key?

You can go through steps given below to check question paper and answer keys of Common Admission Test.
  • Click on the link given above.
  • Enter user ID, password.
  • Click on log in button.
CAT 2017 Question Paper and CAT 2017 Answer Key now appears on the screen.

How to submit objections?

  1. Click on ‘Objection Form’ tab to submit your objection.
  2. Click on the ‘+’ sign to add an objection.
  3. You can look at the Question Number from the PDF version of the question paper.
  4. After you have entered your details you may click ‘Submit and Pay the Objection Fee’ to go to the payment page.
  5. There is a fee of Rs.1000 per objection. Payment gateway transaction processing fee will be added to this amount as per the table given below.
  6. Objection fee (excluding transaction charges) will be refunded in case your objection is found valid by the expert panel.
  7. Objections once submitted cannot be edited later.
  8. You can raise objections against as many questions you want.
  9. If an objection raised by a candidate is found to be valid, the remedial measures taken by IIMs will be applicable to all the candidates and not just the candidate who has raised the objection.